Watch collection you have to know those things

Speaking of collection, you may think of 80 years of monkey votes, pear furniture, Ming and Qing porcelain and celebrity calligraphy and painting, but you may not have contact with the watch collection. Saying that this watch collection, playing the Republic of when there is, but only now have a little size. In the case of poor investment in traditional channels, investment in watches and clocks like mushrooming rapid growth, the major auction houses on the watch position is also important watch, with the domestic high-level rolex replica market has begun to take shape and led a large number of second-hand market development. 1 Master Double Mystery Far not to mention, we will talk about this upcoming in October in Hong Kong Sotheby's autumn auction, now that the auction has Master Double Mystery replica watches, Patek Philippe 5101G-001 and other watches, the valuation is up to Millions of Hong Kong dollars. Although the value of millions of products from our people a little distance, but the collection does not have to choose to invest in such a big product. Specific how to choose, Xiao Bian for everyone to recommend a few information to you. Handmade by hand 3 Grandmaster Chime 5175R production process At present, most of the watches on the market are made of pure hand-made, mass-produced machines and pure hand-made is no way to compare. In the elaborate production of the engineers, each watch must be processed through the tooth surface & chamfer, polished case polishing and other procedures, making each watch more value-added. Innovative ideas 2 Breguet 7087 series of tourbillon handed down three asked the timekeeping Design is the soul of the product, and innovative design will be further enhance the product in order to achieve qualitative change. In the field of rolex replica is not difficult to find some designers carefully designed, such as Konstantin Chaykin The Diana watch ingenuity of the moon phase table, Breguet 7087 series of travel tourbillon three asked the timekeeping table and Louis Vuitton Tambour eVolution both time pure spin Black power watch. Expensive materials 4 Rolex movement 3130 Now watch the material there are many, such as diamonds, gold, rose gold have become one of them. As a core component of the watch, the movement is particularly valuable, the current first-class watch manufacturers are using independent research and development of the movement, they are also used by the pure hand-built, craftsmen's uncompromising attention to them as Unique works of art (each with a handmade so there will not be exactly the same product). Watch from the beginning was defined as a luxury, the same can also be a good collection, a good product, not only from the material, design and skills are super-class products, then you can Choose the one that belongs to your own collection.