Northeast people for Panerai, Beijing suitable ... ...?

When it comes to regional issues on the easy to have some controversy, then please allow the author at the beginning of that position: I really is not a geographical black * 3 (important things that three times), and you want to talk to the impression in the end where people fit What table, but also welcome a lot of communication, to express their point of view, directly into the question: Yan Wang: Honglei I was born in Harbin, for home feeling summed up on the two words children: Han, Biao. Do not hurry to hit me, look down, maybe you will think so. Northeast of the simple folk is well known, few things to buy a few short or two kilograms of poor quality of the situation, at the same time (I do not know whether and close to the ethnic fighting) cold areas of the residents most anti-set circuit is a straight line, should The old scripts - A: What do you look at swiss replica watches ? B: What do you think? A: Look at a try! B: try to try! And then happy to twist a ball, followed by meal barbecue to settle the mess, the two sides pay. This simple and crude solution is really quite common: really, upright lazy to turn the character, coupled with a little on the deep-fried temper, really quite northeast. (Of course this is certainly not all, but it is the most, especially led by Yan Wang.) Rolex & Panerai Watch the appearance and movement category most likely to be reminiscent of similar people, integrated on a description of the brain first pop out of the key words is Rolex and Panerai, it is not eccentric that the big sign Is suitable, mainly the two brands of simple and honest and honest shape is really fit and this character, but also a good face to the Northeast - the dial a little larger (47 mm diameter Panerai 1950); simple simple - table design Compact enough to become (to protect the basic function of the disk set); leather anti-made - the case must be strong (can be used to drop the walnut replica watches uk 904L stainless steel). Large Zhang Come to talk about Beijing indigenous, Beijing's hospitality is also get people Jiaokouchenzhao, and they generous at the same time also very humorous, a Beijing film is listening to the times cordial. (In fact, the author contacted the authentic old Peking Man's chance is not particularly large, the main activity area or 80 and 90 after more close to) but even so does not prevent the whole city exudes enthusiasm, give a chestnut: Even if the ten-minute short-distance rental trip, the local master can go to the astronomical geography down to talk to you with a transparent, but also often useful insightful insights enlighten your confusion, it sounds a bit wide talk, but in reality they The perception of life, live very clear. Patek Philippe & SWATCH This openness of the main senses, a direct result of the choice of watches, for the brand boundaries and movement types of selection difficulties have long become worthless. Expensive can be handed down Patek Philippe Ye Hao, cheap quality Swatch worth mentioning, even a 20 dollars quartz watch can wear a "fall down I wore" the wonderful feeling, is so confident and free and easy, it seems Slovenly exceptionally reliable. (Yes, that is the "big teacher" - Zhang) Wearing a cheongsam of the Shanghai girl The last is always known for the elegant and meticulous Shanghai people, at least I think so, in contact with the Shanghai sister every time people feel refreshing, even when angry with the taste as a pity. In addition to delicate temper, live is also careful to calculate, a little attention will be found - when to buy fruit is a buy, eat how much to buy, to protect the fresh and eliminate waste, I think this is a life attitude , Not some people in the eyes of the "pull"; bedroom bed layout is also clear, with eyes closed can find something; when the sad low temperature to appease the soft words and handed the cup of warm water ... ... seems a bit biased, in short, because Shanghai is not much contact with men, the impression of the people of Shanghai are caused by sister, but did not witness the rumors of standing on the road you made me a word passionate quarrel both sides. Tissot & Longines Based on the above mentioned in the case, gentle and meticulous is the author of the most intuitive evaluation of the people of Shanghai, this time the most suitable for there is? Imagine: the exquisite makeup, dressed in decent cheongsam Shanghai girl, slowly strolling corner stand, slender Yu took out a handbag from the ___. Filled quartz rolex replica like it, the atmosphere is gone, pocket watch is the best choice for this occasion. Laugh a ~ Read the whole article is nearing the end, as to why all the advantages, is not the author of fear of the reader unhappy or even anger sent blade case na? I can be very responsible to tell you, is certainly ah! And accounted for the vast majority of proportion! But the quiet down to think about it, but also really is because there is no shortage of books to find the shortcomings of what is fabricated is an irresponsible act of death. As to whether the future will have a sense of what to write, but also to the time things, at least hope you see here, the mouth can rise.