Gold watch too vulgar? That is your face value is not high enough!

Since the China "fade to symbolize the upstart, more and more people believe that gold is tacky, no grade of wearing a watch, always give a person a kind of" I have money, I Hao show sense. However, Xiao Bian to say that the gold table is too vulgar? That's because your face value is not high enough! Let's look at how these high value people wear. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and one First of all, to start from the most famous replica watches uk , handsome little meat Luhan wearing a rose gold rolex replica universe with 116505 black Xingdi meter series. The Rolex 40 mm in diameter, the table body 18K rose gold, antimagnetic design. Official offer 285500 yuan. Luhan simple cowboy shirts, then collocation a rose gold breitling replica, gas immediately came out, and rose gold is bright, it is luxurious and elegant than gold and platinum. Black disk is more and the golden publicity, a little calm. The high value of the people take Yan Yan high value watch, a word: handsome! Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and two Young men are less aggressive, choose rose gold watch black plate is wise, but even if enough domineering, black plate rose gold watch is also a good choice. Due to the recent "old nine door" hot William Chan absolute enough domineering, Buddha is absolutely full of energy. He was wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus series of 5980/1R-001 watches, Patek Philippe Nautilus has been one of the most popular sports watch, and William Chan used it to dress collocation, not only did not violate, but more temperament. The Patek Philippe Nautilus table diameter 40.5 mm, rose gold black dial is gradual, style, low-key luxury, elegant movement. Official offer 620200 yuan. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-two thousand three hundred and three Some people may say that, in general we say that gold is not tacky gold? Well, you had to see a pure gold watch, the famous actor / musician Aarif Lee is wearing the Royal Oak Series Gold chronograph watch. Official model 26320BA.OO.1220BA.02, table diameter 41 mm, 18K gold, waterproof 50 meters. Official offer 424000 yuan. The Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Chronograph blue dial with three sub dials, and decorated with "Grande Tapisserie" of the lines, clear color and texture completely neutralized gold tacky, Aarif Lee used it to dark blue suit collocation is simply a punchline. Our face is born, can not change, small series said the value of the color of course, of course, is not only refers to you not good, and man, temperament is more important than appearance. And on the other hand, is the value of the gold table, if you do not have enough experience to master the pure gold watch, may wish to choose the black plate rose gold or blue gold, the most important is suitable for your temperament. Good temperament heightening Yan value your gold watch, where will the vulgar?