Tissot 163 watch a brief history of evolution

1970 years ago the development of two or three hundred years of mechanical breitling replica in just a few years they almost died by the quartz crisis shot on the beach, Tissot certainly can not escape this robbery. Until the early 80s to join the SMH (Swatch Group predecessor) was able to stand up, rock watch since 83 years of birth has always been relish, aside the process, just this material on the disk design is quite novel. 1996: PR 100 rolex replica are for reference only, movement category is different In 1996 a "PR 100 Autoquartz" quartz hybrid movement came out, it is not directly with the pendulum Tuo micro motor coupling meshing, but to drive the miniature barrel. (The figure above is for reference only, the movement of different types) as long as the barrel of the output torque than the motor's magnetic braking force, the motor will work with the spring of the traction, this process can last about 50 milliseconds, Rotation, can be infinitely repeated, full power state of sustainable operation up to 6 days. Year 1999: 1999 T-TOUCH series Has been saying that the 21st century is the era of science and technology, many film and television animation is always in the 201X when the obscenity of science and technology can not extricate themselves, but break through the reality of technological development often deviated from, and this time some small Close to its home technology and the distance between the electronic products is exceptionally cold. T-Touch series will be the field of computer technology is also common in the touch-screen technology extended to the watch, pick up a few random fingers (suddenly thought of the devil) will be able to set an alarm clock to see a temperature, check the direction of the class, Just do not be too convenient, so, in 99 years, not a few weeks to win tens of thousands of technology fans. Year 2009: 2009 PRC 200 Based on the Lemania 5100 developed C01.211 self-winding chronograph movement, ETA new design of the connecting rod drive on the dial side of the control timing function, the internal vertical clutch system contains some plastic components, escapement is all By the polymer plastic composition, in order to greatly reduce the cost, but now controversial, many fans of their polarized polarization of the table, the advantage is that some components of good material properties, impact resistance is also good, the disadvantage is that Depot Repair The high cost, as the specific good or bad really depends on individual needs, the vast majority of buyers will be scrapped in this movement after decisive start one - anyway, can not pass home, another paragraph Dai Dai also possible. year 2013: 2013 Powermatic 80 Powermatic 80 (ETA C07.111) movement from the market since it has been widespread concern to ETA 2824-based improvements in the winding box diameter of the same situation to install longer spring, in order to power reserve From 38 hours to 80 hours, but also in order to replace the ETA movement without the gossamer used Etachron fine-tuning device, balance ring on the balance wheel through the balance wheel to adjust the travel time accuracy. While the vibration frequency from 28,800 times / hour down to 21,600 times / hour, to save energy. In this series of initiatives, even if the whole weekend to leave it alone, can be picked up on Monday, alone, this power is enough in the million watch group gains a certain number of fans. Year 2014: 2014 T-Complication Chronometer In the first two years, Tissot has introduced a T-Complication Chronometer has a story of the watch, it has won the 13th International Modern Observatory in the 13th International Precision Chronometer competition in the first place in the impressive history of life, then Determined to be mass production: diameter 43 mm stainless steel case + Unitas 6498 manual mechanical movement + Observatory precision timepiece certification with, and now the degree of attention is also good. 2016: 2016 1936 engraved Finally wrote this year! . Once again allow the author to have the patience to see the readers here to extend my most sincere respect! . Rolex, Longines, Seiko, and so on the table models are beginning to introduce the retro watch section of the big talk tradition, Tissot also inevitably engage in a number of stereotypes engraved engraved (the word code are a bit of a stupid circle) Whatever this year, The classic series of renovation in 1936, the new process to fill the old shell, precision is also getting higher and higher (this is like PS generation from generation to generation, the interface is getting taller, but the first few years of the usual function But also find the same) is gratifying, the best is to open-type table back set, the ancient taste full. This step-by-step look down, as if in spy on the history of the Swiss veteran as exciting, more like watching a tender seedling experience "life" in all stages, (including the value of color change) in the personal view that 1930 ~ 53-year period is the peak of its color value, it is not down on the follow-up, but then again (especially the past two years) replica watches are a lot of the same long, and perhaps this brand design has nothing to do, but the author Too old and hate the old nature of mischief.